Jesse Abraham – One Day (Video)

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Don’t know much about this guy, but this is a creative trailer and that track at the end has got me interested in the project.  Plus there are features from Blu, Homeboy Sandman and others.

1. Njoy The Intro (Prod. by K.O. Beatz)
2. Spiderman on Vitamins (Prod. by Spills)
3. One Day ft. Eric Sosa (Prod. by K.O. Beatz)
4. Play On (Prod. by !llMind)
5. Connections ft. Jeanette Berry (Prod. by K.O. Beatz)
6. The Moment (Prod. by Trace Thomas)
7. Past The Margin ft. Blu (Prod. by !llMind)
8. Written While Sittin’ On A Hammock (Prod. by K.O. Beatz)
9. Figure It Out ft. Fresh
 Daily (Prod. by K.O. Beatz)
10. I Wanna Hear Y’all (Prod. by Jinesis)
11. Always & Forever ft. Homeboy
 Sandman (Prod. by K.O. Beatz)
12. Ridiculous (Prod. by Panjabi MC)
13. Life Is A Free Throw Remix ft. Marquis
 Daniels (Prod. by Trace Thomas)
14. Holy Crap! (Prod. by The Neptunes

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