MaG – True Story

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“I’ve been toying with the idea of putting out an unreleased project. It finally felt like the right time. Plus, having Refined Hype and Different Kitchen behind the project felt like a good fit. This is a collection of some of my older, unreleased (some unfinished) songs. Some didn’t fit certain projects; some were recorded just because I thought they sounded good. But, I”ll let you make that decision for yourself. For those of you who have never heard of MaG and want to get an idea of how I got to be where I’m at now as an artist, this may be a good starting point. For those who are somewhat familiar, this music should be new to all of you. Some of these joints are a little rough around the edges, but the message has always been the same: dope beats, dope rhymes, and a message to suit. ” – MaG. Here is the first track.


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