Crakk Nicholson

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NYC based duo Crakk Nicholson just dropped their self-titled debut project of quirky instrumental beats. I was a fan of DJ Shy Guy’s (1/2 of Crakk Nicholson) Jay Z project from a couple years back, as well as his extra sick James Bond project from last year. If you haven’t checked out either of those you definitely should, and be sure to hit the jump to listen to and download Crakk Nicholson.

In their words: Crakk Nicholson is a collaborative beat project between 21-year-old producers Shy Guy (Texas) and Benjamin Bradley (Toronto/Pittsburgh). The instrumentals are a pastiche of regional hip-hop styles, which combines high and low brow aesthetics, ranging from southern trap to cerebral beat music and boom bap. The duo is based out of NYC.


check out Crakk Nicholson here

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