Top 10 to Watch For: #10 The Kid Daytona

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I have been keeping up with my article every two weeks resolution.  This one is a little late to post but I have written more than 3 so I am doing aight.  Get to know The Kid Daytona, download some of his music and check out a couple videos. Stay tuned later today for a exclusive Interview!!

He certainly fits the mold of a good rapper, Bronx native who grew up listening to the classics of that era, honing his craft and working for his shot.  The Kid Daytona continues to make golden era New York hip hop in a refreshing way that keeps his music from sounding stale.  Clearly inspired by the Greats, he is looking to continue their tradition by pushing the New York sound back to the forefront of everyone’s mind.

The Kid Daytona is a very technical lyricist who can string many succinct rhymes in machine-like fashion, spitting circles around whichever beat he chooses. He can also change up flows, hopping in and out of the pocket in a great display of give and take with his producers.  This lyrical ability is really just one manifestation of the creativity that makes Kid Daytona so interesting and worth watching for.  Every line he creates is creative to some extent but KD can do more than just rap, he knows how to create complete songs and even more impressively, complete projects.

The Interlude projects find Daytona rapping over the samples of classic interludes ranging from Pete Rock to Kanye to Dr. Dre.  The project as a whole has a new concept that plays to KD’s strengths and allows him to really show off his lyrics.  There are a lot of guys out there who can rap, hottest 32 bars you’ve ever heard, but can’t write a hook or construct a song but Kid Daytona is not one of those guys.  For example his song “From Now till Then” from Come Fly With Me paints a picture of his thought process as he moves forward with his career and reflects on what he has already overcome.

Even Daytona’s business ventures are different than the standard.  He recently linked with clothing company LRG in a unique partnership that saw him featured in LRG ads and the company overseeing his album.  This type of new thinking is becoming more and more necessary in today’s music business.  The Kid Daytona is definitely someone that y’all need to watch for.

Interlude – DOWNLO@D

Interlude 2 – DOWNLO@D

Ain’t Shit Sweet – DOWNLO@D