Da What’s Good Radio Season 4 – Episode 4 ft. Luke Rain

Posted on March 4, 2012 by


Here is the my radio show from a couple weeks ago (sorry!) when I had guest Luke Rain from Seattle stop by!  Hit the jump to to see the playlist and download a recording of my show.  We played a few cuts off of Luke’s Rain Shine EP which will be available at Da What soon.  He spit a new verse off the EP and we got to talk about his EP and music in general.

1.The Notorious BIG – The What ft. Method Man

2.Luke Rain – Natural Born Killers ft. Luck-One

3.The Good Sin – Mission Impossible ft. Blakk Soul

4.Luck-One & Dekk – Searchin

5.Sapient – Hours Redux

6.Luke Rain – Recession On

7.Sapient – Playdough Redux ft. Illmaculate

8.Luck-One & Dekk – Here

9.Luke Rain – Don’t Go ft. Century

10.Eighty4 Fly – The Flyest Teal Remix ft. Lace Cadence

11.The Weeknd – The Pary (Chi Duly Remix ft. Silver Medallion

12.Luke Rain – Shine

Episode 3 ft. Luke Rain – DOWNLO@D