Top 10 to Watch For: #9 – Interview with Sugar Tongue Slim

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Hopefully by now, you guys have heard some music from Atlanta by way of Philly rapper Sugar Tongue Slim. One of his more popular songs out there right now is called “WWW” featuring Count Justice and the chorus sings:

“All I know is women, weed and what to wear/ Some people think I’m shallow, baby I don’t care/We could talk politics and world affairs? I’d rather talk about purple haze and Damiers”

So when I got the chance to talk with STS, we spoke a little about what was going on in the world and the upcoming presidential election but I tried to stick to what he knows.  Hit the jump for a introduction to Sugar Tongue Slim in his own words!

Da What: First off, Can you introduce yourself for our readers?

Sugar Tongue Slim: I am Sugar Tongue Slim, the best rapper from atl. Ask anyone up in Philly. GOLD!!!!!!

DW: Who is the hottest celebrity out?

STS: Rihanna with blonde hair, Solange, and Rihanna with red hair. 

DW: What do you look for in a girl? What are the best traits a girl could have?

STS: Good family values and a mean shoe game.

DW: Who is a female musician whom you would like to work with?

STS: Madonna

DW: Who is your favorite female emcee?

STS: Lil’ Kim circa Biggie doing all the writing,

DW: Why do you think there have been so few female emcees?

STS: Cause it’s a man’s world, James Brown taught us that,

DW: What are your opinions on Nicki Minaj?  Especially as a contemporary femcee?

STS: She can bust most these rappers’ asses out, She ain;t a femcee, she is a mc.

DW: Are women gaining a bigger role in hip-hop?

STS: Women are the tastemakers to what we do now. They support.

DW: Switching gears a bit, what is your favorite strand of marijuana?

STS: OG Kush 

DW: How do you usually smoke?

STS: Joints. The euro spliffs with a bit of drum,

DW: Where does the best weed come from?

STS: Best weed comes from my homie down in West Philly.  Where he gets it, I don’t know.  Just glad he got it.

DW: How is weed involved in your creative process?

STS: I’m usually always high so really its just part of my life. I’m always writing in my head looking for the next line that can spark off a 16 whether sober or not.  It ain’t the weed that makes me write it’s just something that I do

DW: What are your thoughts on Medical marijuana?

STS: Just, legalize it.

DW: Finally, what are your favorite brands to wear?

STS: Ralph Lauren, Nudie, Nike, Converse, Mission, Mark McNairy, Jack Spade, Publish and the great Marc Jacobs therefore including Ready-to-Wear LV

DW: What is your favorite item of clothing that you own?

STS: My denim is my favorite.  My pair of nudie jeans, I’d wear them everyday if I could with a pair of Louis Vuitton cup boat shoes

DW: How would you describe your style?

STS: African Americana aka fly shit without all the gaudy labels. In one word: CLEAN.

DW: Which is your favorite pair of shoes?

STS: Black Jordan 4s because they remind me of where I come from. When they first came out my mama couldn’t afford them and my homie Darius had 3 pairs so he let me wear his black ones.

DW: What rapper has the best style right now?

STS: Udoubtedly Kanye & Pharrel.  But they also got money, lets keep it real.

DW: Which decade’s look is your favorite: 80s, 90s, 2000s or present?

STS: Present because everyone is free to do what they feel.

DW: Can you explain hip-hop’s infatuation with fashion?

STS: Hip-hop comes from the hood and you know how it is in the hood, we may be broke but we damn sure don’t look like it [laughs]. So as we actually get money, we want to get even flyer, higher-end brands. It’s a natural thing  

DW: And I can’t let you go without asking who you think is going to win the Presidential race this year?

STS: OBAMA all day

DW: How do you think the United States should handle this situation in the Middle East and Iran?

STS: They should pull the troops out over the next 5 to 10 years in a gradual move. Iran’s tryna build nuclear bombs, so we, the US, should use intelligence to gain more knowledge on their nuclear program. We should keep a small military presence and keep a eye on SHIT, ya dig. But for real, we need to help build better relationships between Israel and Iran because they are going at it, which in turn, may pull us into that whole situation.

DW: Thanks for talking women, weed and what to wear with us hear at Da-What.  What should we be looking out for this year?

STS: world domination.

Stay tuned for an article about STS with more of his music and videos!