(Da) What’s Good Radio Recap

Posted on April 1, 2012 by


I am not going to bad mouth my radio station but they have been less than helpful recently.  I unfortunately don’t have any recordings from my show over the last few weeks.  I’ll post a couple playlists below in case y’all are curious about Pacific North West hip hop artists.

1. Notorious BIG – The What ft. Method Man

2.Luck-One & Dekk – Murderers ft. Dizz
3.Macklemore & RYan Lewis – Can’t Hold Us ft. Ray Dalton
4.Tope – Midnight ft. TiRon and Caitlin Carter
5.Aaron Cohen – Up and Down
6.Evergreen One – West Coast Everything ft. Larry Mizell & Tood Sykes. Mines Really Tho
7.Thaddeus David – Block Business Keyboard Kid Remix
8.Grynch – In the Rain ft. Malice & Mario Sweet
9.Evergreen One – Do You
10. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Otherside
11.Luck-One & Dekk – Mysterious Ways
12.Luke Rain – Shine
13.The Good Sin – Want You Back ft. Sean Carson
14.The Weeknd – D.D. Chi Duly Remix
1.Notorious BIG – The What ft. Method Man

2.Tope – Home remix ft kelli schaefer. debut album, until the next time we meet
3.macklemore – otherside ryan lewis remix
4.fly moon royalty – in the woods
5.lace cadence – stop & go
6.state of the artist – give to get some
7.luck-one & dekk – murders ft. dizz
8.macklemore – the town sabzi remix
9.tope – life of the party ft. epp & prem
10.state of the artist – the cold
11.macklemore – crew cuts
12.tope – until the next time we meet
13.macklemore – the end
14.luke rain – natural born killers ft. luck-one