Last Week’s Mixtapes

Posted on April 29, 2012 by


I got waaaayyyy too many things to post and instead of leaving em out after 10 years blogging time, Imma group a lot of submissions into a few posts.  Here you can catch some of the full projects that have been sitting in my inbox and need to be liberated.  Alphabetical by artist.

Chuuwee “Crown Me King” – DOWNLO@D

Diatonic “Stereophonic” – DOWNLO@D

Graf “Phono EP” – DOWNLO@D

Huey Mack “#ABoyNamedHuey” – DOWNLO@D

J-Rell “UNtitled Noise Instrumentation V2” – DOWNLO@D

Nefarious! “The Dream Theory” – DOWNLO@D

Noelz “The Popular Kid” – DOWNLO@D

The Regiment “Live from the Coney Island” – DOWNLO@D

Stretch Money “25 Miles Per Hour” – DOWNLO@D

Stryfe “The Opening Act” – DOWNLO@D

Stu Cat “Beware of the Cat” – DOWNLO@D

Wordsmith “Prelude to the King” – DOWNLO@D