Pretty Mother F*cker: Behind the Swag of A$AP Rocky (Video)

Posted on June 29, 2012 by


Just yesterday Benja and I were driving across the Bay Bridge catching up when Purple Swag came on my shuffle. We started talking a lot about Rocky, and essentially came to this conclusion: he’s a straight up G.  In fact, that G might even be a big G for Genius rather than a G for Gangsta. As we discussed it, this is the thing about Rocky. A lot of guys in this game are incredibly talented musicians and can’t be touched in that realm. Every once in a while, though, you get someone who, beyond music, has an amazing grasp of aesthetics in and of itself. Rocky has an eye (and an ear) for aesthetics that you just can’t buy. Benja and I agreed that this is also what separates someone like Kanye West from the rest. As I pointed out when I shared the music video for Goldie, one of the specific areas where Rocky excels outside of music is fashion.

With all this fresh on my head, I was stoked to find this gem of a video. Rocky is quickly becoming one of my high fashion idols. Shouts out to UK-based Clash Magazine for making this happen.