iDeal & Abstract – Evil is Here (Song)

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S0me crazy flows right here!! “iDeal & Abstract hit the blogosphere with their first collaborative effort in promotion of their debut album, Abstract Ideals, slated to drop later this summer. Abstract provides cunning lyricism over top of an eerie instrumental accentuated by a powerful Malcolm X sample and haunting choir. Together, the group embodies elements of the golden-era sound,  while constantly inventing and re-inventing hip-hop’s forever changing soundscape. Abstract’s lyrics are shackled yet erratic, sharp but well-rounded, with complex rhymes pieced together rhythmically by smooth transitions. With this release alone, Abstract and iDeal give listeners flashes from the past, glimpses of the future, and the promise of a progressive, shifting, boom-bap record.  If as the philosophers say, “fear is pain arising from the anticipation of evil,” then be afraid.  Evil is here.


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