Devine Carama – It Was Rewritten: A Nas Tribute (Mixtape)

Posted on October 7, 2012 by


After 4 leaks (The Message, Soul Dreams, Verbal Shootouts, & White Girl Lost) I’m finally releasing “It Was Rewritten: A Nas Tribute” in its entirety. It’s a concept mixtape based off of Nas’ classic sophomore album “It Was Written“. All productions reworked by Lexington, Ky producer 2 Mello. The mixtape features appearances from Sheisty Khrist, Webb (of Kuntry Noiz), YP, Marcus McClinton, & Heather Chula.

“I just wanted to pay homage to Nas who was the reason I first picked up a pen and began to write in the first place. I also feel “It Was Written” was one of the most slept on albums ever in the critical sense and I wanted to shed light on that particular record in hopes this generation would revisit more music from an era with musical diversity and lyrical dexterity.” – Devine Carama