Nissim – Ricochet (Song)

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In celebration of our 10 year anniversary, Sportn’ Life Records has another new, unreleased track from a man who is no stranger to the public.  He may go by another name but his music still speaks to his immense talent. Nissim (formerly D.Black) has returned to making music and is excited to deliver the same positive message he always has, but with a new sound.  “Ricochet”, is the debut single from OEMCo, the newly formed music company by Nissim. The track, written and produced by Nissim, was completed in about 8 hours, with the most difficult part being the eq’ing process to get the tribal/ ambient sound he was going for. The song is inspired by a principle taught in teachings of Emunah.  The ideal is that no one needs to stress about anything they don’t have or that they’ve tried to acquire. They don’t need to make quick or fast decisions to poses a desired thing but, rather they should let it be, and if the divine sought for them to have it, then it would be theirs.The message is clear, “wait it out, pray on it and if it’s meant for you, it will come in its due time”, says Nissim.

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