Nissim – Miracle Music (Mixtape)

Posted on February 27, 2013 by



The artist formerly known as D. Black just put out a new mixtape. “When asked about the upcoming project Nissim’s manager, DeVon Manier of Sportin’ Life Management stated,  “It’s a pleasure to grow with Nissim as his manager , and also to work with such an exciting new label like Fin on this partnership with Nissim’s OEMCo .”  Fin Records owner Christian Fulghum added to the sentiment by stating,  “We at Fin are absolutely thrilled to be pairing with Nissim and OEMCo.  Nissim’s musical talent is undeniable and his work is both exciting and inspiring to anyone who hears it.”

Nissim is a recording artist/producer made his first impression nationally as D.Black in 2008 on Hip-Hop Super producer Jake One’sWhite Van Music and soon after producing material for Young Buck and The Game. While he spent time relating tales of guns, drugs and violence he quickly climbed charts, was showered with accolades, and teetered on the verge of becoming a household name. But something was missing and the man who would become Nissim found himself in the midst of a spiritual crisis. Converting to Orthodox Judaism Nissim dropped his former moniker, adopted his new name and began his journey, in his own words “… to make music that inspires and elevates this world, to the world of spirituality and divine purpose.”  Not your average MC, Nissim’s work is multidimensional  combining energy and passion, with a deep focus on personal growth through times of struggle.  His music resonates with positive vibrations that emanate from a deep spiritual core that is palpable in all of his material.

Fin Records is a young label based in Ballard WA and is home to a wide swath of acts from Hip Hop to Noise to Country.  Named “Local Record Label of The Year 2012” by The Seattle Weekly, the two year old label is off to a strong start, releasing acclaimed work by the likes of J. PinderThe WalkaboutsRed Jacket MineLong Distance PoisonDavidson Hart Kingsbery and many more. “