‘Da’ What is Hip Hop? – Nametag (Editorial)

Posted on April 1, 2013 by


I am very sad to announce that this will be the last ‘Da’ What is Hip Hop? because we have run out of material…

April Fool’s! Y’already know we got all kinds of great stuff lined up for the coming months.  Today the homie Nametag is elaborating on the quality stuff he said in the series trailer (seen above).  Hit the jump to hear more from the Detroit emcee.  Be on the look out for Nametag & Nameless’ For Namesake dropping in a couple weeks, April 16th.

“Hip hop; the culture itself, to me, is the core. Besides the motivation of knowing I need to make ends meet and most importantly, God and family, hip hop gets me goin’. I even say to myself somedays, “Let’s see if you can get through today without discussing things hip hop related”…never works. I’m born and raised, Detroit, MI (Midwest). The region I’m from embodies the hip hop culture, especially with the artists. You hear it in our music and how we communicate, and see it in the lifestyles we live. ” – Nametag