‘Da’ What is Hip Hop? – Kidd Upstairs [Editorial]

Posted on July 1, 2013 by


Kidd Upstairs represents Oakland to the fullest.  Coming off a big release Psycho Tropics and a viral video “Amanda Bynes” we caught up with him to discuss what hip hop means to him. Like many others, hip hop is a form of self expression and creativity for Kidd Upstairs but he also throws in a level of pragmatism and interesting insight.

“Hip hop is an outlet for some of the highest levels of creativity – a genre that incorporates the sounds of all other genres, with a unique delivery.  I don’t think hip hop was started to box rappers into a certain sound of an era, or to establish a fashion guideline.  It’s about being yourself, putting your spoken thoughts over a piece of music because you can’t sing it well enough.  Most of us started because we couldn’t be singers.  I’m not a singer.  I’m a writer.  And knowing exactly what you are, who you are – that’s hip hop to me.” – Kidd Upstairs