‘Da’ What is Hip Hop? – Harn Solo [Editorial]

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Harn Solo is a New Orleans emcee that is well traveled. his  new album “Journey To The Sky” was released early 2013, and is sample-free with live instrumentation from New Orleans musicians – Pro Prospek and Coco Dank. He was kind enough to take some time to discuss what hip hop means to him.  Follow him on twitter @HarnSolo and you can catch some vids after the jump as well.

“I’m a hip-hop fan that grew up in the “Golden Era” of rap. So to quote Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest, “Hip-Hop is a way of life”.

I’ve dedicated the past few years of my life to hip-hop, working hard to become a full-time touring musician. So every day I wake up I’m thinking, “How can my hip-hop / interview skills get me to the next level?”

I’ve been highly successful performing underground shows in the Southcoast region in Texas, Louisiana and Georgia. Since moving from the West my music style has improved dramatically. Attending live shows, performing at showcases and radio interviews (WTUL x KLSU x 790AM Houston – Sports Rapp Live) have all shaped my hip-hop character – Harn SOLO.

Staying true to myself and individuality, I chose a name that would represent my unique artistic expression – SOLO. My real name is Michael Harney. So growing up all my friends called me, “Harn”. I also figured there was a familiar play on the Star Wars character, which can be found in the imagery of my spaced out raps.

Hip-Hop expresses my positive energy, with an alternative perspective gained from my travels around the world. I grew up in Phoenix, AZ attending shows from West coast acts like Hieroglyphics and Living Legends on regular basis. I also went to college at Colorado State University and hit a number of performances with Atmosphere, Sage Francis, Eyedea and Talib Kweli that were influential to me becoming a hip-hop artist.

My first album, “Solo 101” was recorded in Vancouver, Canada with producer Stylust Beats. I met him in San Diego while checking out a Living Legends show, and we made plans to later record by debut project over school break.

I’ve since created eight albums over eight years, traveling from Arizona, Colorado, Louisiana, Texas, Georgia, The Netherlands and United Kingdom.

Hip-hop has guided me on spiritual journey, giving me confidence that I have the ability to become a full-time musician and make a living off my passion.

Helping to validate my hip-hop cause, Louisiana music source Offbeat Magazine reviewed my latest album – Journey To The Sky, saying “Harn Solo is a rapper first, and his penchant for speedy bars at a head-rattling pace at unexpected times makes every verse on his (inter)stellar album an enthralling listen”.” – Harn Solo