HipHop Stars Who Got Their Casino Games On: How Casinos Changed these Raps Stars’ Baller Status [Editorial]

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“Jay-Z, Nelly, and T.I. are some of the big names in the hip hop world and are also high rollers in their own right. It’s really no surprise that casinos and gambling goes hand in hand with the glamorous hip hop lifestyle. Money, women, cars and have I mentioned cash? Yes, these hip hop moguls are all about making it big in the music business and what better way to reap and enjoy the benefits than by spending it at the world’s best casinos like The Palms? Jay Z did try his hand in investing in a casino venture but it sure didn’t stop him from playing at the Bellagio (where he is rumored to drop $1 million in one hand) which is his favorite casino to frequent along with many other casinos in London.

Hip-hop stars like two-time Grammy winner Nelly and T.I. have been spotted by the paparazzi at the casinos which can be a hassle.  And who wants rumors, spreading like wildfire, about you losing at the blackjack tables? That’s why these hip hop stars often play anonymously online at partycasino; who says you can’t take your game out of the actual casino? With games like blackjack and roulette, you can test your wits and baller attitude. If you also travel a lot like these hip hop stars do, you can download mobile apps for your android phone or tablet. Of course these boys are the very definition of high rollers and they live large, work hard, and definitely play harder. No doubt, if you were in the hip hop world, Nelly would ask you to “Ride Wit Me (Him)” and Jay Z might even share his “Money, Cash, Hoes” with you and your posse. To inspire you to get into the (casino) game here’s a great playlist from the best hip hop stars of 2013 and some of the Jay-Z classics thrown in:

1. Big Sean – Mula
2. Kendrick Lamar – Money Trees
3. 2 Chainz – What We Doin (Getting The Money)
4. Joe Budden – NBA (Never Broke Again)
5. T.I. – Go Get It
6. Trinidad James – All Gold Everything
7. Pusha T – Millions
8. Jay-Z – Money Ain’t A Thang
9. Jay-Z – Get This Money
10. Jay-Z – Niggas in Paris

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