Top 10 to Watch For 2013 Halftime Report Pt. 2 [Editorial + Mixtapes + Videos] – 0

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Here is the second installment of my Top 10 to Watch For midterm review.  For those of you who missed Pt. 1, I put out a list at the beginning of each year of lesser known guys that I think you should keep your eyes on because they are making moves, have good music and are in a position to blow up.  Hit the jump to read a recap of numbers 5-1’s 2013.


Numbers 5 and 4 have actually been pretty quiet this year after releasing two of the best projects of 2012.  Eighty4Fly reps the Northwest and carries that vibe to the fullest without sounding like all of the other artists out there.  He hasn’t put out new music this year but I am positive that we have not seen the last of him.  Raleigh’s King Mez is not the most prolific artist out there; he clearly is a student of a “quality over quantity” philisophy.  This does not stop him from delivering incredible music that really has a shelf life.  Plenty of artists out there put music out constantly and you’ve forgotten it by week’s end. King Mez is NOT one of those artists.  His music still resonates today like it did when it dropped last year or years before.  I think it will continue to resonate in years to come just the same.

Last year, my girlfriend went to Big K.R.I.T.’s show in Portland and obviously he killed it but she made a special point to mention one of the openers, Tito Lopez, because he was the biggest surprise.  When I hit the SF stop of the same tour, I tried my best to make it for Tito’s set but was unfortunately late only to hear from more of my friends that whoever the Tito Lopez guy was, it was fire.  I still haven’t seen him live but I have not missed a release since those shows.  This year, he dropped a mixtape “Y.O.U.” along with some venting session loosies.

Joey Bada$$ continues to blow up at an alarming speed.  The PRO ERA crew, led by young Joey, has been seemingly everywhere and has developed into a hip hop blog favorite.  Joey just dropped “Summer Knights” which is every bit as good as you would expect, possibly better, and he says he may drop ANOTHER EP before his official album comes out.  He also linked with Mountain Dew’s Green Label for a great collaboration with DJ Premier and a great feature on Statik Selektah’s album. Y’already probably know about Joey and if not, the music will speak for itself.

Bronsolino is that dude!  From quality project to quality project, working with Harry Fraud, Party Supplies, Alchemist etc.., to rapping with fans and/or prostitutes on his shoulders, to leg sweeping fans that rush the stage, to giving away OZs of weed at his show, to using a port-a-potty and not stopping the show, Action Bronson has become one of hip hop’s greatest characters.  The ex-chef draws instant comparisons to Ghostface but the more you listen to him, the more he becomes his own man.  Excellent food refrences throughout, top notch production and a personality that jumps out of the speakers.  Even if you find a reason not to like him (which I probably wouldn’t understand!) you can’t NOT watch out for him.  This year he released “Saaab Stories” with Harry Fraud and is due to release “Blue Chips 2” and maybe another project or two.