‘Da’ What is Hip Hop? – Skinny-C [Editorial]

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Atlanta. Ga emcee Skinny-C’s got something to say! Repping the dirty South and shedding light on hip hop’s path there, he takes us through the customs and beliefs of a Southern rapper. From when everyone in New York essentially refused to acknowledge anything south of the Mason-Dixie line leading up to when Atlanta and the South have been running things for quite some time.  Hit the jump to read Skinny-C’s article and check out some music while you are at it. Skinny-C the next to blow!

“Hip hop started off in the park, but somehow, one day, made its way to my heart.  Its the way you dress, talk, act, walk, look, and respond.  Hip hop is a lifestyle.

Rap is just an aspect of the lifestyle.  When we (the south) was introduced to this lifestyle,the topics were nothing that we were oblivious to.  My southside pioneers didn’t care about rhyming.  They just spoke on their experiences, daily activities, hardships, struggles, goals, and accomplishments…it just happened to rhyme.  The southern drawl and lingo captivated other regions, wondering “what are they saying?”.  Old school whips with the wood grain turned heads.  Gold grills with flip flops& socks separated us from the other fads of fashion.  And the southern hospitality makes you want to extend your visit.  Back then every non-southerner talked about us.  Fast forward, they all imitate.  No hate at all. Im just saying, dont knock nothing until you try to understand.

In today’s industry, majority of artists dont understand others, they just mimic with hopes of seeing similar benefits as the originator, resulting in short lived careers.

Laziness and lack of creativeness saturates the airwaves.  Its all for a dollar bill.  Once you loose love for the sport and do it for a paycheck only, your career begins to descend.

Being from the south, I am nonchalant to opinions, I just do me.   My inspiration is what I see as I comb my city streets witnessing the realities of the world; and my motivation is my family.  When I’m working, my intention is not to make something to bob your head to, but to create something you can relate.  Something that’ll make you rewind and display the Jigga face (Backstage).  I leave the head bobbing duty to the producer.   By the way, all southern producers be banging!

I’m proud to say that I am a southside native.  I wouldnt want to hail from anywhere else.  Everything that I have experienced on this red clay made me the man and artist I am today.  I just simply share my experiences with you and it coincidentally happens to be jamming like a fuck!

Remember at the 1995 Source Awards when Outkast got boo’ed?? … now they all want to be us.  I quote the legend Andre Benjamin “The South got something to say! And that’s all I got to say!” – Skinny-C