Majestik Originality – Dear Woman ft. Nello Luchi [Song]

Posted on August 17, 2013 by


majestik originality

Majestik Originality is an MC, hailing from Brooklyn, NY. He gained recognition by introducing his bold lyricism while performing in both the Hip Hop & Spoken Word circuits in the city. In 2008, he released his first mixtape and has been performing, recording and growing, as an all-around performing artist since then. Later, in 2011, he released his first album, “Just Listen,” on iTunes.

This summer, Majestik Originality released a series of songs in preparation for his forthcoming project. The last song, “Dear Woman”, in the 4-part series, goes out to all the women. The song features another Brooklynite, Nello Luchi, whose feminine touch sheds even more light to the song’s empowering message.

Showcasing another woman’s talents, Majestik featured original artwork by Marthalicia Matarrita for the song’s cover art as well. The piece was inspired by the song itself, upon Marthalicia’s first listen.

“The face of a strong woman, as the foundation of our lives, homes, neighborhood and world, is to be acknowledged. And this song is for them,” says Majestik. In a time where “bad b*tches” are being praised on mainstream songs, it’s refreshing to hear a Hip Hop artist putting a spotlight on the WOMAN.