‘Da’ What is Hip Hop? – DJ Mos Precious [Editorial]

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New installment of #DaWhatisHipHop? from St. Louis DJ Mos Precious!  She started out as an artist herself before branching out into making dope mixtapes and eventually starting her own radio “MVP Radio”.  From when she fell in love with the music to her current artist promotion, DJ Mos P has lived hip hop to the fullest.  Her editorial provides a new perspective as she is one of the few females in the #DaWhatisHipHop series (and unfortunately, one of the few females in hip hop).  As someone who has always strived not just to be a rapper but more importantly a positive role model, it is an inspiring and engaging read. Is hip hop music innately positive and uplifting? What effect has the music industry had on hip hop culture.  Read DJ Mos P’s answers to these questions and more!

“As a female hip-hop artist, hip-hop is more than just the lyrics placed on a hot beat. It’s the emotions and passions of creating a nice record that can make a difference in the community. Hip Hop is poetry and many artist such as Lupe Fiasco, Tupac, Biggie, Kendrick Lamar, Asap Rocky give all the hip hoppers around the world a chance to believe that real music is still alive.  Nas mentioned that “Hip Hop is dead” but the idea of hip-hop is very consistent.

In order to fully understand the affect Hip Hop has on the community of music lovers. You have to know the difference between rap and hip-hop. As well as understanding the music industry and the affects it has on the original forms of hip hop. Hip Hop is more defined than the music industry chooses to express to the world. There is some confusion between rap music and Hip Hop music. One example of a rap song is a song with no meaning.  But when you think of Hip Hop, many inspirations should form in your mind. The lyrics from a Wale song and the emotions displayed in a 2pac song give you hope that music with substance will resurrect in good fortune after a long fight to keep it alive.

Forms of rap today consist of disrespectful gestures like the N word or the B word, but the confusion being displayed is not what hip-hop is. Music that sends the wrong messages to the youth would not be considered hip-hop. When I think of Hip-hop and what its means to my community and me, an illuminated light clicks on in my mind. Hip-hop is the story of someone life’s struggles.

As hard as it seems for a talented hip-hop artist to break out of the Saint Louis, Missouri area, we still fight for our chance. There are honestly only a very few female MCs in my hometown but we all stand for some aspect in the hip-hop community. Honestly, Hip Hop is more than music. It’s a form of art. This is what hip-hop means to me

Words from Mos Precious”