Capology – Hall of Fame and 10 Deep [Editorial]

Posted on September 2, 2013 by


“The British clothing industry has completely revolutionized from the sensible brogues and tweed jackets to hip-hanging jeans, high-tops as well as the hoodie and cap combo. This casual, eye-catching trend is going crazy in the UK right now, and everyone is eager to style it up, down or anyway they want. It’s exciting to see urban clothing taking over the UK.

With plenty of noise coming from the US, British designers have taken their inspiration from over the pond. American hip hop has always been popular within the US, but with album releases this year from Lil Wayne and Kanye West the ever increasing love for this music has launched them off the US charts and into the UK.

Capology, a popular independently owned store,  was the first to stock many ranges of urban clothing synonymous with hip hop culture; keeping it real with both US and UK brands. It even has the official stamp of approval from Professor Green. With many different artists backing this trend, urban clothing is booming everywhere so the original brands are making their way over to show the UK how it’s done.

For fifteen years 10 Deep has been bringing street style to their clothes, with founder Scott Sasso’s inspiration taken from the streets of New York themselves. From the streets to the boutiques, 10 Deep’s original flare of snapbacks, caps, crews, jackets and more are all available now at Capology. 10 Deep not only creates the street style but communicates through it embracing individuality. ”



“From the strips of Los Angeles comes the Hall of Fame; one of the US’s most wanted urban brands. Cool and unique, this clothing line produces dope pieces, all with a customized feel. This bomb has exploded in the UK at just the right time as the Hall of Fame are due to announce their Spring 2014 line, both eyes and ears are on alert to see what these geniuses are going to produce next. ”