Tragedy Tha Beast – The Manifestation LP [Album]

Posted on September 10, 2013 by



Been wanting to post this one for a while.  Since I first heard Tragedy on Music of the Mind, I knew he could rhyme and that is PART of the reason I made him one of my Top 10 to Watch For way back when.  I also saw his grind and how he lived hip hop, studied it.  The growth he has shown is tremendous and The Manifestation LP is easily his most complete body of work yet.  There are some real, complete records on here.  Looking forward to what’s next because I know Trag ain’t stopping anytime soon and in the meantime, we have this to rock to. I’ll let him speak a little on it as well,

The Manifestation LP is truly my best body of work thus far. Everything from the title, to the album cover, to the music is meant to symbolize my transition from a young boy sitting in front of my computer writing rhymes to becoming a man and respected artist in the city of Chicago and eventually FURTHER BEYOND. The Manifestation LP is an exhibition of my artistic growth. Storytelling, passion, aggression, lyrical technique, flow, concepts – all are present throughout this project. I am very proud to present to you… The Manifestation LP.