‘Da’ What is Hip Hop? – Sullee J [Editorial]

Posted on September 16, 2013 by


Baltimore emcee Sullee J has accomplished a lot through hip hop.  He has been featured on your standard hip hop press sites/publications but he has even made it to Fox News affiliates through music.  He uses hip hop to speak on real issues and get his opinion out there.  In his words, hip hop is “a vernacular released through the hearts, freeing the mind, body and soul. Hip Hop is a light. A form of liberty, a right, created to bring sight.”  For this week’s ‘Da’ What is Hip Hop? he breaks down what hip hop means to him as well as what it has become in this day and age.  There seem to be a lot of conflicting opinions on where hip hop stands today but Sullee J gives some validity to all of them.  Can hip hop be everything to everyone? Or are some people right and others wrong?

“Hip Hop is the regurgitation of emotion. The purging of impulses from the limbic system through verbal explosion. As an MC, Hip Hop is a universal code. A vernacular released through the hearts, freeing the mind, body and soul. Hip Hop is a light. A form of liberty, a right, created to bring sight. Hip Hop by common definition is a culture. A way to internal composure. In it’s purest form, it’s existence by personal belief, was made to unify populations. Hip Hop is meant to be a voice of reason with meaningful conjugations.

It is an art. Not only does it consist of MC’ing, but also breaking, DJing and graffiti. I feel that these are all different ways in which, we express how we feel. In my city Baltimore, or any other place in the world, if you are Hip Hop, you are a different species. Limited to #NoRace #NoColor #NoReligion. We are always on the move, innovating in any/every way possible. Hip Hop is like a gene that has figured it’s way around to bind to every other part of our bodies, and some how formulate a new perception to everything we do.

In today’s time, Hip Hop is also a type of business. Even though there are many artist who feel they must stick to the script and keep it real, a lot of the new generation have turned it into a money making influence. Today’s motto for making music, almost seems like if it doesn’t make sense, it will make cents. It’s a war between the real vs fake. Hip Hop was originated to bring awareness. It definitely has grown and evolved into a new beast with the sound, although the substance seems like it has lost touch with it’s roots.

Because, these large corporations/labels have made Hip Hop seem like a joke, where you must speak on only what they tell you for the money, a lot of artist have sold themselves for the worst. At the end of the day, it is hard to say what Hip Hop has become, because for most it’s a meal ticket, for other’s it’s a revolutionary tactic. I would like to conclude with the fact that, Hip Hop never died, it was just monopolized.

Peace, Love & Respect to everybody hustling and trying to make it. Stay Humble, Stay Hungry, Stay Strong!” – Sullee J