i&i+3 – Run And Hide [Song]

Posted on September 29, 2013 by



A hip hop/soul band called i&i+3 that consists of

      – An MC who raps at an elite level with infectious cadences, and sings with the soul of a Motown artist.

     – An MC who raps at rapid fire, or smooth and slow with tongue twisting wordplay, while playing keyboard at the same time.
     – A guitarist, bassist, and drummer who have reached an incredible level of musicianship from playing their entire lives.
     – All tied together with incredibly original song writing, an unrivaled chemistry that comes from growing up together, and an explosively high-energy live performance.
They are releasing their self titled album “i&i+3” on October 8th for free. This is the first single from the band, it’s called “Run and Hide.”