‘Da’ What is Hip Hop? – E Major [Editorial]

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2013 is starting to wind down but ‘Da’ What is Hip Hop? ain’t going anywhere.  This week we have a new editorial written by LA by way of baltimore emcee E Major. E Major discusses how got into hip hop and what it means to him, how it took him over as an impressionable kid and how the different elements come together to create a culture.  Hit the jump to read his words and hear some music.

“Even if you don’t subscribe to the whole old school idea of what KRS said, “Rap is something you do. Hip Hop is something you live.” you can’t deny that Hip Hop is a culture. For me, falling in love with Hip Hop at a really young age and not even realizing what I was submersing myself in, I just kind of became Hip Hop. Without even thinking about it, when you’re young, you let everything that is Hip Hop dictate who you are. Initially, the power of the words of an MC grabbed me. I loved the wordplay, the clever turn of phrase. And then once you’re hooked you start to look at the Hip Hop as like a holistic thing.

The attitude appealed to me. That anti-establishment-I’mma-get-mine attitude. And the styles, the way of dressing and all that was like a visual expression of that. People telling you to pull your pants up and turn your hat around was like vindication that you weren’t part of their square existence. You did your own thing.

I was really into art and cartoons and drawing as a kid and when I saw graffiti as being part of the Hip Hop culture it naturally intrigued me. I ran with a dude who was heavy into the whole graffiti scene. I helped him do pieces, we did tags, I was nice with characters mostly and I did my characters around town.

I never got into DJing but one of my best friends was the nicest DJ in the city and I always respected that. I tried to cut a few times but it was just too difficult for me. It just didn’t come naturally. But DJ’ing in the Hip Hop sense; the cutting, juggling, scratching, battling; that’s part of the culture too.

Also, being that I always loved language, the use of slang was big in my love of Hip Hop. Like when you’re a teenager it’s just how you talk. You pick up things here and there and you twist the meanings of things and it’s just how you communicated with your boys. But now I see that I always liked that. Like to this day I love new slang and incorporating it into my rhymes. As MC’s playing with language, we invent new ways of saying things, or something might be regional and we put it in a song and now everyone is saying that little bit of slang across the country. It’s dope to me. So even the way we talk is part of Hip Hop culture.

So to me, Hip Hop really is something you live. Whether you realize it or not, the way you dress, talk and look at the world is influenced by the music and the people behind it.

PEACE!” ~E Major