‘Da’ What is Hip Hop? – Ver’style [Editorial]

Posted on December 2, 2013 by


2013 is coming to a close and with it will come numerous year end wrap ups and 2014 plans.  I am excited to see where ‘Da’ What is Hip Hop? goes in the next 12 months.  As we finish up 2013, got another editorial from New Jersey rapper Ver’style.

After silence, that which comes closest to communicating the inexpressible, is music. It can change our world by the single solid truth that it has the power to change people, and no one knows that better than music artist Vers’Tyle. An American-Haitian kid from Montclair, New Jersey, Vers’Tyle was born with an affinity for the art that is music. To him it was a lifelong love and expression that appealed to his soul. From a very young age he learned how to play various instruments like the trumpet, piano, and even the violin.

“Hip-hop is a limitless art. Storytelling,  venting, comedy, etc, as long as it’s rhythmic. I like to use it; to make you think, jump around the room, zone out, set the mood, anything. Maybe even all at once (laughs). I challenge myself to appeal to the masses, at the same time, reaching the minds of the people who analyze it.

What hip-hop means to my region:
In my region, hip-hop is saturated and full of people that don’t have a passion for it. Seems like more artists than fans. That environment makes everything very competitive. The tri state area doesn’t have the same identity it used to. Almost like a mesh of whatever is popular at the moment. But the real hip-hop heads still exist.” – Vers’tyle