‘Da’ What is Hip Hop? – KC Da Rookee [Editorial]

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Going international again! The Uk’s KC Da Rookee has quite an interesting store,

KC Da Rookee was born in Derby in the East Midlands and moved with his Mother and Sister aged 2 to Nottingham. KC’s Mother introduced him to Hip Hop by purchasing him his first single – Doug E Fresh featuring Slick Rick “The Show”. Since then KC has been living and breathing the Hip Hop life.

KC joined the British Army aged 15 and after 1 year of basic training was posted to Germany. On weekends KC would leave the Army camp and visit the local Hip Hop clubs, immersing himself in the local culture and scene. After 5 years, he decided to leave the Army, learn fluent German and pursue a career in music.

“Hip hop to me is more than just Music!! The culture of hip hop has influenced me and moulded me into the person I am today. My introduction to hip hop came through the first 12 inch record that was purchased for me by my mother. It was a record called “THE SHOW” by Dougie Fresh And Slick Rick and The B side was a track called LADI DADI. From the first moment that I heard the track I knew I had found something special. The way that Dougie fresh used his mouth to perform the human beat box with no actual drums amazed me. Then I got into breakdancing the first big influence was watching a film called Break dance 1 and 2 the music the dancing everything about it was just fresh to me at the time and it was as if this new culture was the language of the youth.

After these influences I remember going to a local breakdance battle and seeing these moves up close and being blown away by the crowd reaction, the music and just the general vibe of the jam. I then began to search for hiphop. A friend of mine had access to YO MTV Raps so I would walk to his house once a week and stay up late often falling asleep watching the latest hiphop songs to come out of the US.

Over the next few years I would purchase records CDs, and also tune in to a DJ by the name of Tim Westwood’s show on BBC Radio 1 which would also play the newest tracks from the US. Around this time I began to favour the New York sound of Boot camp Clikk , Das Efx ,Wu Tang , ill all scratch, and smooth the hustler. I also listened to a couple of UK acts such as Blak twang and a local artist called MR 45 from Nottingham. All of these guys inspired me but I would also frequent Reggae sound systems in Nottingham and London which in some way seemed related to Hip-hop to me.

I would watch the emcee’s on the mic at these sound clashes do their thing live and take command of the crowd which I liked and thought was cool, I also loved the competition element of the clash and how you could diss someone hard on the mic but be cool with them after.

I began to write raps on any pieces of paper I could find but never had the confidence to show anyone. Fast forward 5 years I found myself in Germany as a solider bored at the weekends. I decided to check out the local club scene which was saturated in the Hip Hop Culture even more than England. I began to make friends in the local city and started to go to hip-hop jams . I remember being in a jam and seeing 3 DJs use 6 decks at the same time and being once again blown away. I then noticed a guy ask who would be getting involved in the open mic and saw a queues of about 7 guys. I decided it was the best time to try out all theses rhymes I had I my head written on various guard duty shifts where I had been bored in the Army.

As soon as it was my turn I felt so empowered everyone was looking and listening and the feeling was like I had control over the whole jam for that small moment. Anyway the verse came to the end and a lot of people came up to me asking me my name and how long I had been spitting. Straight away I went back to my room and began writing another verses to come back with the following week!!!

This was the beginning of my long hip-hop journey which has been filled with Love, Hate Blood , sweat, and tears But have no doubt that HIP HOP has saved my life and I love her and always will no matter what KC………” – KC Da Rookee