Kidd Upstairs – High In Flight [Video]

Posted on December 16, 2013 by


Digging the vibe of this Kidd Upstairs track and I think Farid Xan did a good job capturing it in the video.

The third visual released from KVSHMIR, “High in Flight” follows a paranoid Kidd Upstairs as he is stalked by a masked figure, who appears to have been scorned by Kidd and seeks bloody vengeance.

“‘High in Flight’ represents that place you go to in your brain where you feel like nothing is around you, nothing can hurt you,” Kidd explains.  “And it’s in that comforting state that you realize how vulnerable you really are, as the world continues to move around you whether or not you’re moving with it.”

Directed by Farid Xan (@FXtopfloor), the visual balances a unique blend of animated fantasy with the reality of Kidd’s hectic, drama-filled world.  Utilizing clips from the 1987 Japanese sci-fi film Royal Space Force, the duality of the anime segments tells its own storyline parallel to Kidd’s as he attempts to escape from his reoccurring past.
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