Top 10 to Watch For – 2014 [List]

Posted on January 12, 2014 by


Excited to announce one of my favorite series on, the Top 10 to Watch For of 2014.  Got a diverse list that spans the whole country. Some have indie labels behind them, others have gotten major looks  and some are on their own.   Stay tuned because I got some things in the works this year with the 10 members. In the meantime hit the jump to see which artists I think you should keep your eye on and download their latest to get familiar.  Or you can wait until all of your friends tell you about these artists in a few years….


10. Nacho Picasso – Seattle, Wa

Trances With Solves

High & Mighty

9. Malik Ferraud – Baltimore, MD

“Come My Way”

 “Feel Me”

8. Sol – Seattle, Wa

Eyes Open EP

7. Isaiah Rashad – Los Angeles, CA

“Brad Jordan”

“Ronnie Drake”

6. Rapsody – Snow Hill, NC

She Got Game

5. Willie the Kid – Grand Rapids, MI


Masterpiece Theatre

4. Boldy James – Detroit, MI

My 1st Chemistry Set

3. Vince Staples – Los Angeles, CA

Stolen Youth

2. Dizzy Wright – Las Vegas, NV

The Golden Age

1.Chance the Rapper – Chicago, IL

Acid Rap