Nissim – Sores ft. Benzaquen [Video]

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Nissim and Rabbi Simon Benzaquen have created a powerful message of hope in the Nissim produced song, Sores, the story of the African American experience of slavery in America juxtaposed with the Jewish horror in the Nazi Holocaust. Rabbi Benzaquen beautifully sings the message of hope with the words from Psalms, while Nissim’s powerful musical rap creates the visual imagery of the terrifying experiences of both of these peoples.

The common experiences of African Americans and the Jewish people create a natural bond that the short film, Sores, explores through storytelling, filmmaking and song.

Nissim’s own life experiences and powerful journey of spiritual growth has contributed to the moving words and messages performed on Nissim’s recent CD, and specifically in the song and soon to be produced short film, Sores .  The screenplay written by Zach Grashin transforms the words and music of Sores into a short film that captures the emotions, struggle, pain, and finally hope, of both historical periods.

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