Kidd Upstairs – DMNDS Deluxe [Album]

Posted on February 19, 2014 by


kidd upstairs

Kidd Upstairs has revamped his slept-on DMNDS album from 2012.  Remixed, remastered, 6 new cuts and the opportunity to support a talented artist.  Make sure to cop the deluxe edition today!

Every artist started with an album that set their identity in stone – A$AP Rocky’s Live Love A$AP, Kendrick’s Section.80, and now Kidd Upstairs‘ DMNDS Deluxe.  When is the last time you’ve heard a self-produced solo album with zero features?  After receiving positive reception to the first threesingles released off the album, Kidd is ready for the world to hear his masterpiece in its entirety.
A complete overhaul of Kidd’s criminally slept on 2012 album DMNDS (pronounced “diamonds”),
DMNDS Deluxe aims to give the foundational album the true attention it deserved without compromising the original.
In addition to remastering and remixing the original 12 tracks, Kidd Upstairs has added 6 brand new songs to the collection, many of which were created during the original DMNDS recordings but never saw light of day until now.

DMNDS (Kidd’s term for a true dimepiece) are spread throughout the album in stories among deep, introspective dialogue that Kidd provides over hypnotic drug-induced production.

Out of the 18 tracks on DMNDS Deluxe, 14 them are self-produced by Kidd Upstairs, while North Carolina-based producer Big O handles the rest.  The restricted amount of creative input provides an authentic listening experience, most of which is derived from Kidd himself.

“I wanted to create a project that represented exactly who I was,” Kidd explains.  “Big O filled in a few crucial production elements, but I made the majority of the project, I mixed and mastered the whole thing, and there are no features.  This album had no A&Ring, no second guessing – it’s brutally honest and is based on my reality, and if you don’t like anything on it, you have me to blame for everything.  If you love it like I do, then it should excite you to know what I’m capable of.”