MidaZ The BEAST – Head Shots [Song] Prod by Vanderslice & Change [Song] Prod. by Was Legit

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The New 52 is a weekly series conceived by HiPNOTT Records/Doxside Music Group emcee MidaZ the BEAST that will run the entire course of 2014. Taking its name from DC Comics’ revamp and relaunch of their superhero books, each installment of The New 52 features a new or rare song from Doxside Music Group artists paired with an original illustration from DMG comic book artist Gift Revolver.

Headshots was a joint that was set up by my the good people at Salem Psalms in ATL. They were working on a mixtape with Unique Squared, the company that had that insane mobile studio. I, along with my homie Conshus of Ourshow here in Orlando, jetted out to Miami to knock out the joint in the aforementioned mobile studio, which was of course, in a bus. The science was that we had to step on the bus, pick up a pair of headphones and listen to beats for the first time without knowing who made them and select one to work on. Once selected the song had to be written and layed on the spot in the bus. Crazy. This is the result.

Change was actually a song I was working on that was supposed to feature a verse from Grand Puba. My cousin was working with Puba on some stuff and the connect was made. Even though the song never gained the Puba feature, I decided to tack another verse on it and finish it anyway. Recorded this some time during Obama’s first term. Shouts to my man Ben Goraj on the art on this one. Represents what i was trying to say in the song beautifully. #BEAST


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