Raz Simone – Cognitive Dissonance [Album] + They Speak [Video]

Posted on March 11, 2014 by


These last few weeks have treated my personal hip hop taste very well. Q’s Oxymoron, Adrian Lau & Harry Fraud, CyHI and now this.  Raz Simone  has had my full attention since I was introduced through his Solomon Samuel Simone EP.  The first time I pressed play, I listened to the entire EP AT LEAST 5 times through.  He is someone that could easily *SPOILER* end up on my Top 10 to Watch For list in the near future.  He has released his latest project Cognitive Dissonance Part 1, the first from Lyor Cohen’s 300 and one of my most anticipated of the year, last week. He produced the entire thing himself and went dolo on the rhymes as well.  With skill like that, It is no wonder that 300 signed a joint venture his Black Umbrella imprint.  His mastery of sound allows him to create personal, relatable art. You definitely get to know him without ever meeting in person; a skill that emcees of all skill levels have trouble with.  I haven’t listened to his album yet but I HIGHLY suggest you download the album here and if you dig it, throw him some money in support. He followed up the album’s release with a new video for the album opener, “They Speak”.