Action Bronson, RiFF RAFF & Dana Coppafeel – Hot Shots Part Deux (Official Mammyth Remix) [Video]

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Do you recall back in 2012 when Action Bronson and RiFF RAFF teamed up with Dana Coppafeel on the stellar track “Hot Shots Part Deux”? Look how far their personalities/abilities have taken them in the last two years. The track, which is seeing its two year anniversary, is being revisited by the guys over at Uni.Fi Records.

Rather than simply saying, “Hey, let’s listen to this again because it’s two years old!” they have decided to not provide a new remix from Mammyth and also another music video by WC Tank, full of B-roll and original footage of two of the most eccentric rappers in the game. This is all in preparation of Uni-Fi’s upcoming mixtape, dropping later this spring.

Mammyth’s remix is a nostalgic groover. While the original track is soulful and cloudy, the remix is more psychedelic, full of guitar solos and steady drums. Certainly not a “turn up” track, thankfully, but rather, a slow cruiser to play when you’re stuck in traffic. Damn, don’t you remember when RiFF RAFF said, “Ruby Tuesdays, Cinderella, ballerina. Import important passports, Pasadena.” – MiskaNYC

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