X.O. – Gravity [Video]

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Trippy is just the tip of the visual iceberg from X.O.’s latest out of this world concoction, “Gravity”. Directed by BAZ, X’s latest music video aims to grab your attention from the moment you press play. Most known for his work on the 2013 anthem “Amanda Bynes”, the Top Floor Music Group wordsmith is back with another gem as he prepares for his full length project Bringing Back The Elephant.

The visuals for “Gravity” boldly treks into a psychedelic realm of visuals and eroticism while exploring the artist’s inner conscience, using his lyricism as a roadmap to explain the daily tightrope between good and evil.

“Gravity” is a space odyssey examining a clever metaphor X.O. discovered along his 14-month soul-searching exploration—the devil is the gravity that is holding us all down, the artist is faced with temptation, seduction and a plethora of demons as he struggles not to tip the scales of good and bad too far in the wrong direction.

X.O. continues to demonstrate growth as an artist by conjuring up a song and video both of which appeal beyond their outermost layers. “Gravity”, like the cinematic Blockbuster pulling in 7 Oscars this year, explores the far reaches of the unknown at the mercy of the forces that pull us in. Are you ready to take this plunge into space?

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