Kidd Upstairs – Goonin ft. X.O. [Song]

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kidd upstairs
The first collab between Kidd Upstairs and X.O. since 2013’s viral “Amanda Bynes“, “Goonin” promises nothing similar to the duo’s breakout hit – other than how they made it.

“Me and X.O. been good homies, he comes up to my spot in LA a lot to work,” Kidd says.  “We just got really blunted, I flipped a couple beats and we picked one, and then we both knocked out our verses.  Same thing with the ‘Amanda Bynes’ song; we make the dopest music in our natural habitat.”

The pair are both working on individual careers but frequently collaborate, featuring each other on their respective projects.  It wasn’t until the release of “Amanda Bynes” that they began to see some coverage outside of their respective cities.  While the Bynes anthem shed some much overdue light on the two wordsmiths, it was never felt by either that it truly represented their talents.

Rare Obama sample aside, the Neptunes-esque slap throws dense lyricism over a minimalistic Kidd Upstairs instrumental, proving that the two have much more to offer than Hollywood commentary.

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