MidaZ The BEAST – Here I Come [Song] Prod. IMAKEMADBEATS

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The New 52 is a weekly series conceived by HiPNOTT Records/Doxside Music Group emcee MidaZ the BEAST that will run the entire course of 2014. Taking its name from DC Comics’ revamp and relaunch of their superhero books, each installment of The New 52 features a new or rare song from Doxside Music Group artists paired with an original illustration from DMG comic book artist Gift Revolver.

“My man Deafcon came thru to my crib with these wild records one day where I heard the sample that became this song. I passed the record to IMAKEMADBEATS where he did his normal unreal wizardry. I just pulled out one of my patented MidaZ “Murder Verses”. Originally for “Au” but just a bit too long to make the cut. Slick Ric In the beginning says it all. Shouts to Ben Goraj on the Mighty Mouse art, since he’s the inspiration for the hook.” #BEAST

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