Lil Wyte – No Sick Days [Album]

Posted on May 6, 2014 by


lil wyte

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of Lil Wyte’s latest album No Sick Days and I am very pleased that I did.  Probably best known for his cult classic “My Smoking Song”, I haven’t heard much else from Lil Wyte since then but he is back.  Oh man is he back.  No Sick Days is filled with high-energy, high-velocity banger featuring bars from Lil Wyte and co. sharing their personal experience and street tales.  The whole album fits tightly together and should be played very loudly, save a couple of tracks.  My personal favorites are “Three High”, “Soon You’ll Understand” and “Can’t Take No Mo”.  I definitely suggest that y’all go out and support Wyte when you get the chance.  This dude is making music for him that is true to who he is.  If you want an artist that jumps on every trend to fit in, you can skip Lil Wyte.  But if you want an artist that understands himself and makes art accordingly, then go grab No Sick Days.

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