Jesse Boykins III – Live 5/18 at The Independent, San Francisco [Show PREVIEW]

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Jesse Boykins III 3rd


Chicago’s Jesse Boykins III is one of first names that comes to mind when considering the new wave of fantastic neo-Soul that has come out over the last few years.  Since he broke out in 2008 with his debut EP Dopamine, JB3 has been pulling at heart-strings, wrenching guts and evoking emotion all over the world.  He has worked hard to develop his skills and sound to reach the unique point that he is at today.  From his haircut to fashion and everything else, Jesse stays true to himself and wears his heart on his sleeve.  Whether you are listening to a recording, watching a live performance or even an interview, you are receiving the unfiltered Jesse Boykins III, the real him.

He is out on tour with his live band in support of the latest album Love Apparatus.  In Jesse’s own words, “Love Apparatus is for the heart and everything that’s inspired by it, our universe.”   It fits into a similar place as his previous albums and EPs while still showing growth and demonstrating that Boykins is not in the same place, nor the same person as he was in 2008.