People Under the Stairs – Live 5/16 at The New Parish, Oakland [Show PREVIEW]

Posted on May 13, 2014 by


people under the stairs


Thes One and Double K have been making music as LA Hip Hop duo People Under the Stairs (PUTS) for almost 20 years now!  Their first, independently released, album The Next Step came out in 1998 which was followed not by local shows, not be a regional or even national tour as an opening act but an International, European tour with the support of Om Records and the Deep Concentration compilation.  Having gained a ton of exposure overseas, seen different movements and of course, living new experiences, PUTS came back ready to work on their follow up Question in the Form of an Answer accompanied by a second International tour, this time to Japan and Australia.

  9 albums and 20 international tours later, People Under the Stairs have carved out their life and continue to add new fans every day.  Thes One and Double K are as active as ever having just released their 9th studio album titled 12 Step Program.  They have a varied background with diverse musical taste which is evident in the samples they choose and the overall vibe of the music that they create.  By most definitions, these guys are considered “Underground Hip Hop” but don’t get it twisted, these guys are stars!