Asher Roth – Live at Slims SF 6/29 [Show Preview]

Posted on June 23, 2014 by




You’ve all heard the name but unfortunately many have not really heard the music.  Word to DJ Khaled’s new album, very few have suffered from success the way Asher Roth did after his hit “I Love College” burst onto the scene.  The reason I say that is because he has released a ridiculous amount of great music since then and not enough people are talking about it.  He is currently on tour to support his 2nd album in 5 years – RetroHash.  Independence sounds good on Asher who has been able to make the music he wants to make and releases it as he pleases.

Although his debut album was actually solid, “I Love College” was a low point, his releases since then have made huge strides musically and thematically.  Asher could always rap, he can string words together with the best of them, and he has a real knack for making relatable music.  Now that he is free from the confines of creating another chart topper, his interests in jazz, funk and blues have found their way into his music.  He seems to be making that he enjoys a lot more which definitely makes it more enjoyable for the listener too.

The last time I saw Asher, I brought a couple homies to see Pac Div, B.o.B. and Kid Cudi.  I was not surprised but Asher easily stole the show and left the stadium with a lot of fans that hadn’t expected jacksh*t from him.  This is gonna be a great show.