KJ Hines – Outer Space [Song]

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kj hines

I would like for you to take sometime and slow down for a moment. While you listen to this song, turn off the lights, if you smoke, role one up. Lay back and let your mind go at ease. Sometimes the world blinds us with so many distractions we forget what’s really important. These days I try to look at life from a cosmic point of view. We are on a tiny planet in the middle of the universe just spinning around. Realizing that I remember that so much of what we think is important, is not really that important. We take our life, our earth, and our bodies for granted at times. When you listen to this song, I ask that you sit still and listen, take a deep breathe in for 5 seconds, pause for 2, then take a deep breath out for 5 seconds. Do this through out the whole song and try to focus on your breathing and the song. A lot of people ask me about meditation so consider this your beginners meditation song.
Soon you’ll join us in outer space!

-Kj Hines

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