#DaFiveFingerDiscount: DedFre$h – Nibiru Mind [Editorial]

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Da Five Finger Discount v3

DedFre$h – Nibiru Mind – Nibiru is an ancient Akkadian word that means, “crossing point.” As the highest point in the paths of the planets, Nibiru is considered the seat of the Summus Deus who pastures the stars like sheep. Nibiru is said to have occupied the passageways of Heaven and Earth, because everyone above and below asks Nibiru if they cannot find the passage. Nibiru is Marduk’s star, which the Gods in Heaven caused to be visible. So what does Nibiru Mind mean? It means that DedFre$h is the Nibiru of Hip-Hop; the up lifter, occupier, and savior.

1. Libations prod. By Tha Deviants – The lead single from the project “Nibiru Mind,” Libations is a original track written by DedFre$h and the chorus is written by Tha Deviants. “Libations” is inspired by my everyday life; and it’s really my most comprehensive hip-hop type of track. I discuss everything from things that I have done in my life I’m not proud of as well as the changes I’ve made for the better. I felt being so personal was necessary because the hook has a street gospel feel which demanded a dogmatic hip-hop perspective.

2. No Saving prod. By Tha Deviants – Another track produced by Tha Deviants, was inspired by street and relationship experiences. A lot of times people get caught up in aesthetics, or things don’t matter as much as others in relationships so I touch on that. I feel like just because the sex is good and she’s bad doesn’t mean she’s on top of her game and I’m not here to save her.

3. Nibiru Mind prod. By StarTime – The only track on Nibiru Mind that features a verse from another artist, and arguably one of the best tracks on the mixtape. Loose Bills and I have known each other since I was 7 so musical chemistry and authenticity were not an issue when I came to creating Nibiru Mind. Nibiru Mind is also the first video I ever shot.

4. LikAsoldier prod. By The Re4lity – LikAsoldier is a track that I wrote while I was wasted. I usually don’t turn up while I am writing music but this particular night I was deep into my music and my party pack. The good thing about my style of music is that it is based on my personal life, and whether I’m wasted or not the transparent substance I present is always there.

5. FuckIt prod. By The Re4lity – “FuckIt” is the last song recorded for the album. Produced by the Re4lity, I wrote this song while doing things most people would not be proud of. My perspective of “FuckIt” while I was writing is that people have always called me crazy and said I didn’t care about my consequences. In some ways to stop hearing the adjectives thrown my way, I just accepted the person I am. Sometimes, you have to do what you have to do to eat, sleep, and ensure your loved ones well being.