JMSN – Street Sweeper [Song]

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Artist and producer JMSN announced that his anticipated self-titled album will be officially released on December 9, 2014. “The ‘Blue Album’ actually started after Priscilla was done in 2012,” says JMSN, “It was a process that put me with at least 40 songs that had to be cut down to the 14 which are on there now.” The album, available for pre-order now via iTunes, and in CD or Double-LP format at, is not actually called the ‘Blue Album’ according to JMSN. “The title of the album is actually ‘JMSN’ — it is self-titled because I feel like it’s me finding out even further who I am and diving into that. Not based on a circumstance but rather based on me and how I feel about everything in my life.”

On top of the announcement, JMSN premiered his first single off his forthcoming album — “Street Sweeper” showcases JMSN’s signature sound: a supernatural, R&B-inspired, hippie noise. With a narrative for all of his ballads, JMSN sings about ‘Street Sweeper’ being a killer, a naïve one, with an attitude who happens to possess admirable traits. “Street Sweeper is about a person that I observe from an outside perspective; almost as if I don’t know the person, but in reality I do. I try to figure out what draws me to this person so much. I point out flaws and other things I see in them but still always come back to that fact that I love whatever it is they have.” JMSN was at a bar when he observed a particular female who worked there. “I went to the studio […] I was mumbling something.” 15 minutes into his studio session, the song was born.

Along with the release of his first single, JMSN promised us a music video in the near future for Street Sweeper. “It’s a very simple video because I didn’t want to take away from the song.”

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