Gadget – Nightfall LP [Album]

Posted on October 24, 2014 by


Nightfall is the solo production album by Gadget which consists of thirteen fine crafted instrumentals produced as a result of often being inspired by the cosy feeling of the night and the “bright lights in the big city” of London. Each track was made during a time period when Gadget felt most motivated and focused on his craft around this particular time of the day.

This project features one or two fan favourites and a couple of tracks which were leaked as previews, all of which have been revisited, fine tuned and topped off with brand new head nodding Hip Hop straight out of the ‘Audio Dojo’ where Gadget aka Dirty Thumbs gets busy.

Expect to be taken on a ride through realms and moods that are dark, funky, hard hitting, uplifting, spiritual, melancholic, jazzy and even a little bashy, but always very Hip Hop.

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