#DaFiveFingerDiscount: Funkghost – The Caviar LP [Editorial]

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Light up the moon Produced by Scott Styles & Sean Murdz

“When I went into the studio after hearing the beat for the first time, I knew I wanted to approach this song with a creative twist. It had a different Hook provided by one of the producers Sean Murdz which was cool but me and my Engineer Bryan Tyson started playing around with this Selena Gomez Vocal sample. The tone of her voice , pitch, and the words just fit perfect. It’s funny because the vocal sample comes from the super poppy sounding tilte track of her “Stars Dance” LP. The beat is on some Super Grimey Trap Business with Heavy Bass. So, the contrasting sounds are sick. Lyrically, I wanted to sort of snap on it a bit with the wordplay. I like using witty metaphors and couplets when I spit.”

End of the world feat. Javon Black Produced by O.P Supa

“Me and the Producer O.P Supa have great chemistry in the studio. We had a minor hit together back in 2012 with “YSL Logo” that garnered a lot of Mixshow airplay and was Co-signed by Big Name Disc Jockeys like DJ Premier, DJ Wonder and DJ NU-Mark. I knew I had to get another record with him on the Album. The Lyrical concept behind “End of The World” is simple. It’s a no holds barred party on record. I grew up in Tampa FL and if it’s one thing we know how to do in this city its party. No time for stuck up Models, No time for Lames, Wallflowers, we literally party like it’s the last day to live on Earth. The song features R&B Artist Javon Black on the hook. He hails from Orlando FL. Javon Black has had a lot of Regional Radio Hits with Producer Lil Kee in the past and they are both very popular in The Tampa Bay Area. The Beat is on some Super Bass Heavy Post-Apocalyptic sounding madness provided by O.P. Supa.

Inside and Out Produced by 2 Fresh

“When I was Recording “Caviar Taste” I was listening to a lot of “Random Access Memories” By Daft Punk. I always loved their use of the Vocoder and the clean sounding use of live instrumentation in their songs. I wanted to emulate that aspect a bit. I first met the Producer 2 Fresh on Twitter back in 2009 when he was just graduating High School. He was a fan of a song I had out at the time called “Vintage Futuristic” and started sending me beats. I always knew he had talent and wanted to work with him. When he sent over the beat for “Inside and Out” I was blown away how fresh it was, no pun intended. The music reminds me of some J Dilla circa Fantastic Vol. 1 era. Lyrically, I wanted to set the record straight about any misconceptions about me as a person. I’m definitely on some personal life assessment on this record.

What You Need (I Got It) Produced by Scott Supreme

“London UK Based Producer Scott Supreme is one bad Dude. When I first heard the music it automatically made me think of “Night Music”. Again, I wanted to approach this record with a creative twist. I first recorded the vocals without the Vocoder effect. It sounded cool but when me and Bryan Tyson started playing around with the Vocoder, he hit a button by mistake and it ended up on the lead vocal. It sounded like pure magic. Sometimes accidents in the studio make incredible records. At the time during the recording of this record, my fiancée and mother of my daughter was complaining about the lack of time spent together. Lyrically, I’m talking to her and to my mistress which is my music. I like to write songs that sometimes can be interpreted two ways. Overall, it’s one of my personal favorites on “Caviar Taste”.

Rockin Never Stoppin Produced by Downtown Music

This one is a straight up Club/ Radio banger. I wanted the LP to be accessible and still show my creativity at the same time. This song embodies that concept. It was produced by Downtown Music out of Germany. I’m a big fan of his production. One constant trend on “Caviar Taste” is Heavy Bass laden Bombastic productions. Lyrically, I wanted to dance and snap on the track a bit with the flow and wordplay. The song is affirmation to me that no matter what, rain or shine, I will forever be rocking for the free world.

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