Kojey Radical – Dear Daisy: Opium [Album]

Posted on December 27, 2014 by


Wordsmith Kojey Radical quickly establishes himself as a creative powerhouse, with the release of his highly anticipated multifaceted debut EP “Dear Daisy: Opium”.

Dear Daisy seamlessly blends poignant thought provoking prose on love, social interaction, religion, drug addiction and philosophy all wrapped up in the beginnings of a boy meets girl stream of consciousness. 

Proving him to be much more than the average poet, Kojey bounces in and out of tempos, instrumentation and genres with a confident sense of versatility. Even going as far to lend his talents to singing on songs like “Plucking Petals/Chase The Dragon”. Dear Daisy boasts impressive production from Melo Zed, KZ, Mini D,Mic Lo The Dreamer and Jay Prince, as well enlisting the help of the emerging soulful songstresses Ego Ella May and Miraa May. The EP also features a guest spot from Zulu of ORPHGANG, who aids Kojey on one of the most impressive introspective records on the project “Preacher Preacher”.