Ohini Jonez – Genocide [Song]

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Art is a weapon, and it’s one we better start using. I’m tired of waking up in the morning wondering if another Black Man or myself is going to be a corpse on the news. I’m tired of seeing mother’s on TV crying knowing that could be my mother. I’m tired of wondering if I’ll even be in a position to defend myself, or if I’ll be ambushed and slaughtered. Or if I’ll be handcuffed and killed by a coward who has no concept of Blackness equaling humanity. I’m tired of seeing my brothers and sisters murdered and then watching be lynched¬†postmortem through the media outlets and racist Internet trolls. I’m tired of weeping for people who’s main crime was being a suspect. I’m tired of us not being innocent until proven guilty. I’m tired of having to spell AmeriKKKa with 3 K’s. My bones are in this nations soul, my blood stains its concrete. I’m tired. I’m fucking tired. I don’t even want to be treated like a citizen anymore. Just treat me like I’m human.

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