#Bestof2014 – Top 10 EPs [List]

Posted on January 4, 2015 by


Now that 2014 is officially under wraps and we have had some time to digest the December releases, Da-What is proud to begin the Best of 2014 lists! We will have a Top 10 EPs (first), Top 10 Free Projects, Top 10 For Sale Projects and Who Had the Best 2014.  Once we have reflected on 2014, we can look ahead with the Top 10 to Watch For 2015!  All of this being said, ranking art and limiting lists to 10 (or even 50!) is quite trivial… They reflect some opinions and are completely up for debate. Please let us know if there are any that we missed! We just want to take some time to shine light on some of our favorite, “the best”, that 2014 had to offer.  In addition to the 10 listed below, we have to mention Ensemble Mik Nawooj’s A Hip Hop Orchestra, QUE Who is QUE?, YG Blame it on the Streets, G-Unit’s The Beauty of Independence and Curren$y’s Saturday Night Car Tunes.  So I guess it is really a top 15?

  1. Big KRIT Week of KRIT

So this wasn’t officially an EP but after KRIT blessed us with a new track every day for a week including “Lac Lac” & “Egyptian Cotton”, we couldn’t keep it off this list.  Sure, Atlanta seems  to be the hub of the South and in some cases, hip hop as a whole, but the most recent “King of the South” doesn’t even live there.  Forever repping M-i-crooked letter, he continues to up his game, branch out and make GREAT music.

  1. Zion I The Masters of Ceremony

Zion I released a trio of very solid EPs in 2014 to “fortify the cultural aspects of hip hop”.  They put the business aside and let the music speak for itself. While all three are highly recommended, we’re going with part one for this list.

  1. Herr Lola

One of the more mysterious projects I’ve heard in a while.  This EP showed up in the submissions from a producer Herr but very very limited information about anything else related.  With vocals mixed in from King Louie, Sir Michael Rocks, Zia Sarette, Louis Marx, Emma Rena, Mar’que Landfair, PJ Servia & Imani Droogan, it is something different and enjoyable.

  1. Nacho Picasso Trances with Wolves

The leader of the Moor Gang in Seattle dropped this EP all the way on January 1st and it still came to mind when reflecting on 2014. This guy is so out there but he can rap his ass off, especially when laced with beats from S.A.T., League of Starz, Jake One, Raised Byy Wolves and more!  Catch up!

  1. Kembe X Kembe X

Another one of Scion AV’s successful forays into music, they linked up with Chicago rapper Kembe X for a self-titled EP.  Smooth raps, solid features from Ab-Soul and Slex Wiley and consistent, compact production made Kembe X one of the best EPs this year.

  1. Dizzy Wright State of Mind

Funk Volume’s in house hippy followed up on one of the best projects in 2013 with another amazing effort. While all of his music is smoker friendly, Dizzy makes sure his music isn’t only something to zone out too. He brings it on each track and only seems to be getting better with each new release.

  1. Isaiah Rashad Cilvia Demo

When TDE announced that they would sign a new rapper, the rumors started flying from Joey Bada$$ to Action Bronson to every obscure name you can think of.  I don’t know if any rapper was left unmentioned but when the dust settled it was Chattanooga emcee Isaiah Rashad that had our attention as the newest member of Top Dawg Entertainment.  His first release since the signing provided a fantastic introduction, for those of us who weren’t hip, to his sound, style and talent. It is clear what he brings to the table but we are waiting to see just how good he can get!

  1. Vince Staples Hell Can Wait

We told y’all to Watch Out for Vince at the top of 2014 and hopefully you listened because Hell Can Wait is FIRE. Not only did he killed a major feature for Common on “Kingdom”, but proved he could take his mixtape talent to the next level cohesive project of his own.

  1. Big Sean Untitled

Another one that is technically not an EP but he did drop 4 tracks all at once and they deserve to be highlighted.  Most everyone is familiar with “IDFWU” at this point and while seemingly petty, it is also a banger.  But his intro for the Mike Will mixtape, “Jit / Juke” and “4th Quarter” with the usual partner in crime Key Wane get even more play on my iPod.  Sean had quite the year.

  1. Rapsody Beauty and the Beast

Yes, yes, it’s opinion, but if you didn’t think Rapsody’s Beauty and the Beast was the best EP this year, I don’t know what to say… Jamla’s roster is full of amazing talent backed by great minds but Rapsody continues to shine as the star of the label that she is.  She’s the type that can put the team on her back and do what it takes to get the W; luckily she doesn’t have to because she gets help from 9th Wonder, Eric G, Khrisys, Nottz and plenty more!